Course Catalog for Willow Bend Academy

The course catalog lists courses that are currently available at Willow Bend Academy.

Our method of teaching is called Mastery Learning.  Some schools refer to it as Competency Based Education.  It simply means that students are not grouped by age and aptitude. Each is an individual with different learning styles and who may learn some concepts at a different pace than other students – either faster or slower.  Public schools and most private schools continue to use the “industrial model”, although some states are beginning to offer pilot programs using the model we use at Willow Bend Academy.

National Collegiate Athletic Association requires that athletes applying for participation in competitive sports at the college level and eligibility for athletic scholarships require that the student’s high school courses meet NCAA standards.  Courses taken at Willow Bend Academy meet the standards and are approved for eligibility for sports and athletic scholarships.

NCAA is only concerned with 16 core courses.  Willow Bend Academy offers all these courses plus a number of other courses to prepare students for college entry and for entry into the workforce or military service.

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