Profile of Willow Bend Academy

Much can be learned quickly by viewing a school’s campus profile.  Most schools have developed a document providing such information as average SAT scores, ACT scores, which colleges and universities accept their graduates. Willow Bend Academy campus profile is similar to most and provides a quick overview with information such as accreditation, NCAA eligibility for graduates, cultural diversity and other important information.

We have been in existence since May 1998, have been accredited by Advanc-Ed (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) for a number of years.  Texas Education Agency recognizes private school accreditation from Advanc-Ed. In fact, most of the larger city public schools are also accredited by Advanc-Ed.

The majority of our graduates have chosen to attend Collin College for their first two years, then have transferred to universities.  Others have gone directly to universities both in Texas and other states. One international student is currently enrolled at a university in Saudi Arabia.

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