Ruifeng Li, a freshman at the Plano campus of Willow Bend Academy and world recognized Chess Grandmaster, recently tied for first place in a world-wide chess tournament in Washington, D.C.  There were 52 contestants of all ages from 18 countries.  Ruifeng was among the youngest.

Ruifeng holds the title of Grandmaster of chess, which is the highest rank one can achieve. The United States ranks second in the world for the number of Grandmasters with 83 as of 2014.  Russia ranks first place.

Willow Bend Academy is a good fit for Ruifeng because it offers him a strong academic challenge as well as a schedule that accommodates his need to be absent from school in order to compete in tournaments around the world.

Willow Bend Academy is unique.

Willow Bend Academy is unique in its approach to education. Students are taught and coached individually rather than in groups so students can progress at a pace that suits them. Students who have struggled in traditional classroom often find great success at Willow Bend Academy because they are allowed to focus on individual strengths and areas in need of strengthening.

Students are not all the same, so why should they all be taught the same?  At Willow Bend Academy, each student pursues his or her own individual academic plan with daily guidance and instruction from highly qualified teachers who are also deeply committed to each of their students.  Ruifeng’s program of instruction is unique to him so he is not in competition with other students, but with himself – constantly working to improve.

Ruifeng has become a great competitor in chess through his dedication and self-discipline.  Those same characteristics will take him far in his academic pursuits as well.  We look forward to Ruifeng’s continued success as a student and as a world-class chess competitor.