English Help for all Classes

The International Student Program at Willow Bend Academy is different. The other private schools require English proficiency. Willow Bend Academy teaches students to listen, speak, read and write English in order to become successful in college.

Classes are very small (no more than 8) and students spend much time with the teachers. Students can advance as quickly as they are able. They do not have to wait for others before moving forward.

Students may begin class anytime during the school year.  It is not necessary to wait until August or January to begin.

Willow Bend Academy can issue a Certificate of Eligibility Form (I-20), so students may obtain the F-1 Visa.  Once the F-1 visa has been granted, students may remain in the USA as long as they are a full time student – whether in secondary school or college.

Learning to use English is most important. That is why we focus on teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. Understanding spoken English and being able to write clearly will be needed to succeed in college.

If your student already has an F-1 Visa through another school, it can be transferred to Willow Bend Academy.

Colleges and Universities

TOEFL test is generally not required for college admission to graduates of Willow Bend Academy.  We will administer the TOEFL Junior to all International Students at least once each year.  This allows us to document progress and will allow the student to make better college decisions.

Although TOEFL is not required of students who graduate from an accredited Texas high school, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is required and includes reading and writing.  Students who do not pass any section of the test will NOT BE ALLOWED to take college credit courses until they have completed a series of developmental courses in those subjects.

In order to better prepare students for the Texas State Initiative (TSI), we require new International students to participate in our Intensive English courses. This test must be passed for the student to take College Credit classes immediately.  Those who do not pass, must take remedial classes first.(See Intensive English Program description.)

International student graduates of Willow Bend Academy have continued their education at local colleges including Collin College and Richland College and at major universities including Delaware State University, Florida International University, Ohio State University and University of Texas locations at Arlington, Austin and Dallas.


  • Language assistance offered for students who lack English proficiency
  • Intensive language training in our full day program
  • Self-paced study gives students a better chance to understand assignments
  • F-1 Visa can be transferred from other schools
  • http://www.willowbendacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Year-end-video.docx

2017-2018 school year tuition and fees ( $19,600 for full day schedule) includes:

$15,800 Annual On-Campus Tuition (Includes intensive English classes.)

$600 Annual Curriculum Fee

$450 Annual Registration Fee

$250 Annual Technology Fee

$2,500 Annual International Student Fee

Total = $19,600 (Full year payment due upon arrival)



“I came to WBA with little English… Now two years have passed, I am taking honors classes and I am currently a member of NHS [National Honor Society].” – international student`