Single Course Option

Single Course Completion

In many cases, students who attend a traditional school may find that they need a single course not available during the school day. Sometimes students need two courses that meet at the same time.  Willow Bend Academy’s single course option may be the answer. Students can be full time at another school and use Willow Bend Academy to complete one of our single course classes. Course work can be completed at home with a textbook or online. We prefer that testing be completed on campus, but we have alternatives for situations where that is not feasible. In order to receive a semester credit, the student must complete a set of six exams with grades of 70% or higher.


  • Allows students to fill in specific gaps in their academic record.
  • Allows students to resolve schedule conflicts.
  • Designed for students who regularly attend a school other than Willow Bend Academy.


  • $480 per semester course

I attend a small school and the two classes I need for graduation both meet at the same time. Being able to take one of the courses through Willow Bend Academy will allow me to gradutate on time.