Welcome to Willow Bend Academy, and thank you for viewing our programs and discovering why we major in success.

Willow Bend Academy began in 1998 . We envisioned a “second chance” school for students who  and had not been successful in traditional schools. We were wrong!

While we continue to welcome students who need special academic help, we have learned that students of exceptional ability need us as well. Willow Bend Academy is small, but has produced National Merit Commended Students, National Merit Semi-Finalists, and most recently a National Merit Scholar.

Niche has rated Willow Bend Academy among the top 100 Christian High Schools and most diverse student populations in Texas. Niche is an organization that rigorously analyzes dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews to produce comprehensive rankings, report cards, and profiles for every K-12 school, college, and neighborhood in the U.S. Millions of people access their website when seeking quality schools for their children.

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Campus Profile

On Campus and Home StudyPrograms.

Most students need the routine of daily class attendance while others thrive in directed home study. Our class valedictorians have come from both environments. 

The class of 2016-2017 is our 19th graduating class.  Our graduates have become professionals in business, medical and legal arenas, professional sports, career military professionals, and skilled professionals in areas not requiring 4-year college degrees, Above all, they have become responsible citizens who contribute to society.

World-wide reputation.

Our reputation for quality has spread world-wide and we currently have students from more than a dozen foreign countries. Students whose English ability is limited are given personalized English instruction in addition to core academic subjects.

Both domestic and international students have successfully gained entrance to major universities in the United States as well as to universities in Canada, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom.

Non-discrimination policy

Willow Bend Academy welcomes students without regard to race, ethnicity, and religion in its admissions policies.  Because Willow Bend Academy is not required to adhere to government policies regarding race and  religion, but we choose to do so because it is the “right thing to do”. As Jesus told his disciples to go “to all nations”, we welcome students from all nations as well.

Christian Values

Our faculty and staff members are all professing Christians and demonstrate their faith by their lifestyle and conversation. There is no requirement that students be or become Christian.  All students are treated with respect whether they are domestic or international students and are assisted in facing both academic and lifetime challenges.

Our philosophy is that each student is unique and will thrive with a tailor made plan of studies in our one-to-one teacher/student model.


Ed Pilkington, BSE, MSE, EdS