Tuition and Fees

Full year tuition and fees are listed below for the 2017-18 school year.

Annual Registration Fee                      $450

Tuition and fees applicable to all students

On Campus Half Day (U.S)               $ 9,800

Full Day (International Only)          $15,800

Home Study Tuition                          $ 4,500

Curriculum Fee                                   $   600

Technology Fee                                   $   250

Important Dates

By July 17th, the Registration Fee, Curriculum Fee, Technology Fee, Tuition and other fees for special needs and international students is due. U.S. students may divide tuition payments into two segments with the 2nd installment being due December 1st. International students are required to pay for the full year tuition and fees prior to beginning classes.

Other Fees

International Program Fee                       $2,500

Special Services Fee (Resource Level)   $1,500

Single Course Tuition (0.5 credit)           $  480

Reinstatement Fee                                      $  250

Late payment Fee                                        $ 200

Single Test Fee                                             $ 100

Program Transfer Fee                               $   75

Extra Session Fee                                       $   75

Tutoring                                                        $60/hour

Replacement Book Fee                             $10-60

Extra Transcript Fee                                  $     2

Senior Graduation Fee                              $   250

Returned Check Fee                                  $     35

Credit Card Convenience Fee                         3%

Financial Policies

There are many reasons for choosing a private school.  The major reason is that parents want to invest in their children’s futures in order to give them every possible opportunity for future success.

Willow Bend Academy provides unique educational advantages. Our faculty and staff are committed to offering each student that opportunity for success.  With an eight-to-one student/teacher ratio, our teachers spend far more time with each individual student than is common in traditional classrooms.  This ratio allows for individual tutoring, and academic coaching and encouragement which will help develop students into well-rounded adults who will make positive contributions to their communities.  The intent is to complement, not replace, the home in helping our students master learning and as a result, master life.

With our faculty and staff offering a full commitment to the students, we believe it is appropriate for the health of the school to expect a commensurate commitment from school families.  With this in mind, the following policies have been established.

  1. Each student will pay an annual registration fee; registrations are accepted on a first-come basis.  The registration fee ensures that the student will have a seat in the class.  The sooner a student is registered, the more likely he or she is to have a choice of teacher and session (either morning or afternoon).
  2. By July 15th, the registration fee, tuition, curriculum fee, technology fee, and other fees are due.  If tuition is being split between semesters (not an option for international students), the second payment of tuition is due by December 1st.  A late fee will apply the day following the due date.  NOTE: International students are required to pay their tuition annually.
  3. In order for Willow Bend Academy to met its contractual obligations for teachers and support personnel, there are no refunds or transfers of tuition and fees for any reason.
  4. In case of checks returned for NSF, the student may not attend school until alternate payment has been made.  The late fee will apply if such event occurs on or after July 15th or December 1st.
  5. Families who need or desire to make monthly payments may make arrangements for monthly payments This is a lending agency used by several private schools in the area.  Rates are as low as 3.99% with no penalty for prepayment.

Financial Aid

In most cases, families are able to afford the cost of sending their students to Willow Bend Academy by rearranging priorities and deciding to sacrifice some non-essentials. For some, their income is primarily used to meet essential needs and even after making adjustments they can only afford a portion of the cost. Financial Aid is for these families.

Since Willow Bend Academy receives no outside help from the government or donors, the cost of financial aid is absorbed by the school and reduces the money available to pay the staff and other operating costs. For this reason, we limit financial aid to those with a demonstrated need.


Grants are sometimes given to needy families. In order to be considered, though, families must be willing to have their finances scrutinized by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). FAST will conduct a review of the family’s financial status and will then provide Willow Bend Academy with a recommendation.  FAST does not provide any financial assistance, nor do they report back to us the details of the families finances. Once Willow Bend Academy has received the recommendation, we compare the applications with the funds available for distribution as financial aid.

To make application for financial aid, click HERE to be directed to the FAST website.