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A video visit to Willow Bend Academy explains our unique operation. The video is short, so if you want to pop up some popcorn, do that first and meet back for the show!

The video was produced at our Lewisville campus. Our Plano location offers the same high quality program of personalized, prescriptive teaching.  

Some private schools offer two tracks – Honors and College Prep.  That means that a student on the Honors track must enroll in ALL Honors classes while a student on the College Prep track has no opportunity to take an Honors class.

This is NOT the case at Willow Bend Academy.  A student who excels in grammar and composition may enroll in Honors English, while completing a more basic course in Algebra or Geometry.  Of course, some students excel in everything.

Our teachers have small classes of 8 students, so their knowledge of their students learning styles, strengths and weaknesses is intimate.  Students also come to know their teachers on a very personal basis and consider teachers as another parent.

We offer open enrollment, so students can enroll anytime during the year – including summers.

Call us at 972-436-3839 for Lewisville or 972-599-7882 for Plano.