Welcome to Willow Bend Academy.

Willow Bend Academy is a unique school that began in 1998 with only two students, but grew throughout the years and today has separate middle and high school campuses.

With our teaching model, we don’t educate kids; we help them educate themselves. Which is more important, teaching or learning? To be educated, one may have been taught, but one must have learned.

Often, new students expect our teachers to give them the answers to academic questions and are surprised when teachers offer instead, to help the students find and understand the answers for themselves. Teachers are always available to teach concepts the students don’t understand on their own.

♦ Small, personal classes

Our teachers have a maximum of 8 students which allows for much more individual attention and assistance than is common to traditional classroom settings with 20 or more students who change classrooms every hour. Our teachers and students remain together for 4 hours daily.

♦ Individually paced curriculum

Additionally, students are free to advance at a pace that matches their ability. That is not to say that students may progress according to their wishes. (Some wish to do very little.) We set minimum benchmarks for each month and assist students in setting personal goals to meet and/or exceed the minimum. This allows some students to graduate early, most to graduate on time, and a few to graduate a bit late – but still graduate. Our dropout rate is extremely minimal – even among students who had been at risk in traditional schools.

♦ International student population

Willow Bend Academy is approved by the Department of Homeland Security to provide middle and high school education to students from other countries and usually have 6-8 countries represented in our student body.

♦ Year round admission

We admit students year round and welcome visitors anytime. You are welcome to call our admissions office, or if you’re in the area to just drop in. We will do our best to present information and answer your questions.

Ed Pilkington, Superintendent