Students may study at home with the same curriculum and expectations as those who study on campus.Whether you wish to complete textbook lessons at home or on campus, Willow Bend Academy offers an accredited diploma program that relieves parents of having to prepare lessons and maintain records.


Home Study (Grades 4-12)

For parents and students who choose to conduct an accredited homeschool, we offer middle and high school programs which lend both credibility and accountability. As with our on-campus study program, the credits earned through this program are equally recognized and transferrable. In fact, the home study program at Willow Bend Academy offers students the same curriculum and diploma options as the on-campus program, but without daily teacher assistance. Home study students are required to come to the campus at least once per week for test administration and must pass the required number of tests for a given month. If a student in the home study program requires additional assistance, one of our teachers can assist either by phone, or email. In addition, students can come to one of our campus locations and meet with a teacher face-to-face for up to four hours per month at no additional charge.

In order to maintain accountability, all exams are either administered by the faculty of Willow Bend Academy or, in special cases, by a proctor approved by Willow Bend Academy.  All exams are graded by the faculty of Willow Bend Academy and all academic records are maintained at Willow Bend Academy.


  • Accreditation for home school study
  • Equal curriculum/diploma as on-campus
  • Additional tutoring options available
  • Eligible for Student Life activities (National Honor Society, Yearbook, Newspaper)

2018-2019 school year tuition and fees ($6,000) include the following:

  • $4,600 annual home study tuition
  • $600 annual curriculum fee
  • $500 annual registration fee
  • $300 technology fee
  • $60 hourly tutoring fee (does not apply to the first four hours per month)

My dad is disabled and needs a caretaker while my mom works. He is very knowledgeable, so he is my at home tutor. Willow Bend Academy’s home study program has worked well for me.