Our school publishes Campus newsletters monthly during the school year.  Parents receive copies by email or regular mail at their option. Each issue contains a message from the superintendent, reviews of events and recognition of student accomplishments – both on campus and off campus.  Several of our students participate in off campus activities such as art, chess, dance, golf, gymnastics, theater and other competitive activities.

Time is NOT Progress. Progress is Progress

Willow Bend Academy has a slogan “Time is Not Progress. Progress is Progress“.  Our goal with each student is to see them make progress.  Some progress quickly. Others need more time. However, if a student is learning to his/her capacity, that’s progress. Those students are successful. Our students do not compete with each other. They compete with themselves.  Student achievements are published monthly in the Campus Newsletter.

Students earn recognition for productivity as well as for demonstrating newly acquired knowledge.  The Top Scholar award recognizes students whose productivity is above the established minimum goal. Olympic scholar awards are presented to students from each campus who were the most productive students in their category.  The Archer award is for the student “on target” for making the highest cumulative grade average for the month while the Honor Roll recognizes all students who achieved a 90 or above test average for the month.


October 2019