Graduation diploma plans have changed in Texas public schools with the addition of endorsements.  Endorsements are the high school version of college majors. Many students who transfer to Willow Bend Academy will already have selected a diploma plan. We offer similar choices.

Endorsements that Willow Bend Academy offer include the following:

Multidisciplinary – very similar to the “college prep” diploma with a variety of courses to prepare students for college or career readiness.

STEM –  a selection of courses from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Arts and Humanities – English, Languages Other Than English (2 levels in each of 2 languages), Social Studies, Fine Arts.

Business and Industry – Business administration and management, Technology and communications, Information Technology and English electives in public speaking, newspaper and yearbook publishing.

The names of the diploma plans have changed as well to be consistent with the terms used in Texas schools.

Details of the various diploma plans can be viewed