Employment at Willow Bend Academy is a unique experience.  Our school is very personalized so each of our teaching faculty has a maximum of 8 students, BUT our faculty needs to have working skills in more than one subject.  We do not have teachers who only teach Social Studies, or English, etc.

Of the 8 students assigned to a teacher, some may be high achievers while others are seriously behind or have significant gaps in their knowledge.  Curriculum, therefore is “custom tailored” to fit the student. Students do not need to all pursue subjects at the same time of day. In our school, students have responsibility to determine their learning goals for the day.  Of course, these need teacher approval. Teachers introduce and teach concepts as needed and guide students in their studies by individual assistance with assignments, as well as counseling so students are always working toward the goal of meeting graduation requirements.

Working at Willow Bend Academy is more than simply a job. It is a Christian ministry.  So, although Willow Bend Academy has no ties to any church or denomination,  the teachers and staff are all professing Christians who practice Christian principles in their lives both at school and in the community.

We have very little faculty and staff turnover, so opportunities are usually limited to student growth. As of August 1st, we have no faculty needs, but welcome applications for future possibilities.

You may download our Employment application Here.  Notice that a description of your spiritual journal is to be included.