Enrollment Procedure

Willow Bend Academy accepts transfer students year-round.  You do not need to wait until the beginning of a new semester should you feel a change is in order.  Our admissions offices can provide you with the details.

  • Initial inquiry and interview with admissions officer
  • Complete the annual registration form and pay the enrollment fee (non-refundable).
  • Prior to the attending class, pay the annual curriculum fee (non-refundable), technology fee (non-refundable), and tuition (non-refundable).
  • Diagnostic testing – not to determine admissibility, but to design the student’s curricular plan.

Willow Bend is a school where the faculty does everything in their power to help each student succeed. It is a great environment to improve your learning and get on the right track for your future. – student


Enrollment Forms and Documents

Please note that all payments are due up-front and are non-refundable. When you enroll your student, we commit resources and personnel, and other potential students may have already been turned away if enrollment is already at capacity. If you are unable to make the payments up-front, please see the grant and loan options listed below.

On-Campus, Home Study, and Single Course

International Students

I am an international student and Willow Bend Academy has helped me to adapt to life here. I have also had the opportunity to work with other foreign students, to know about their culture, what they think, and how they live. All in all, I think I have fit in very well. – student

 Tuition Schedule

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Financial Aid

In most cases, families are able to afford the cost of sending their students to Willow Bend Academy by rearranging priorities and deciding to sacrifice some non-essentials. For some, their income is primarily used to meet essential needs and even after making adjustments they can only afford a portion of the cost. Financial Aid is for these families.

Since Willow Bend Academy receives no outside help from the government or donors, the cost of financial aid is absorbed by the school and reduces the money available to pay the staff and other operating costs. For this reason, we limit financial aid to those with a demonstrated need.


Grants are sometimes given to needy American families. In order to be considered, though, families must be willing to have their finances scrutinized by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). FAST will conduct a review of the family’s financial status and will then provide Willow Bend Academy with a recommendation.  FAST does not provide any financial assistance, nor do they report back to us the details of the families finances. Once Willow Bend Academy has received the recommendation, we compare the applications with the funds available for distribution as financial aid.  Early applicants will be considered first. Financial aid is generally not offered to International students


Families who need or want to make monthly payments rather than paying tuition up-front can make arrangements with Your Tuition Solution.  This is a lending institution that specifically serves accredited private and parochial schools. If approved, monthly tuition payments would be paid to Your Tuition Solution rather than directly to Willow Bend Academy. Details and applications can be made at https://secure.yourtuitionsolution.com/