Whether attending on campus or from home, high school and middle school students at Willow Bend Academy are required to write for twenty-five minutes each day.  A few students truly enjoy the exercise while many dislike it and will take short cuts when possible to write with as little thought as possible. They often ask, “Why are we required to spend so much energy writing”? The short answer is that it is an important form of college preparation.

Consider this.  “A recent study sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that argumentative literacy may be the most essential skill students need to succeed in college.  The study’s recurring theme is that students abandon college chiefly because K-12 education does not prepare them to think, read and write argumentatively”.

The essence of the above statement is that students who do not learn in middle and high school to express their thoughts clearly in writing are apt to drop out of college due to poor grades in courses that require writing.

According to American College Test (ACT) readiness benchmarks, Willow Bend Academy’s high school students are far better prepared for college on average than are their counterparts state and nationwide. We recognize that many of our incoming students do not have the writing skills to ensure success in college courses such as English, History, and a host of other subjects in which success depends on students’ ability to write proficiently.

But the learning doesn’t end with college preparation. The motto of Willow Bend Academy is “Master Learning. Master Life”, and a very important part of mastering life is learning to clearly communicate one’s thoughts.

One day, students will look back and thank the teachers at Willow Bend Academy for requiring them to think, read and write argumentatively.