A Clear Path to Life Change 

A clear path to life change comes about when students apply what our teachers share. Recently, one of our “success stories” paid a surprise visit to school to express his gratitude for the guidance and support our faculty and staff provided him while he was an at-risk student at Willow Bend Academy.

At-risk students get individual help

Kyle came to Willow Bend Academy a brilliant young man with ambitions, but lacking the self discipline to pursue them.  He was emotionally broken, academically deficient, and an abuser of both alcohol and drugs.

After his behavior lead to a serious injury, he finally recognized the critical role of our faculty’s firm love, guidance, and unyielding discipline. He then took responsibility for his actions and shortly after, Kyle completed high school and entered the Marine Corps. 

Structured goal setting results in achievement and builds confidence

Kyle graduated, grateful for our not giving up on him, and returned with the maturity and self-confidence that comes from the experience of having successfully completed military basic training.

Following completion of Marine basic training, he received further training as an air traffic controller. Today he is a Marine air traffic controller and is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics. We are pleased to stay abreast of his successes through photos and other information he shares via social media.

Willow Bend Academy provided academic accountability and training in personal discipline so he was able to make the change from failure to success.