Our Purpose:

Willow Bend Academy students major in success by learning  to master learning and master life.   We teach students to master learning by working hard in academics.  To master life includes all those things that we need to know in order to have good adult lives. We need to be responsible for our actions.  We need to be honest. We need to be trusted. We need to have skills with our money and living with other people.

Parents are the most important people in a student’s life, and parents usually teach their children to “master life”.  But we help them by having good teachers who are great role models.

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Mission Statement

Willow Bend Academy exists to help students “master learning and master life” by providing an educational alternative through individualized mastery-based instruction for students in grades five through twelve.

Core Values

To fulfill our mission statement of “master learning and master life”, it is the desire of Willow Bend Academy to C.R.E.A.T.E.an atmosphere of growth through the following core values.

  1. To CHALLENGE each student intellectually to the extent of his/her capabilities. We chose curriculum that is not too easy, and not too hard, but “just right” for each student. Teachers know each student and can assign work that fits the student.
  1. To RAISE awareness of civic responsibilities through community service projects, and being helpful to fellow classmates.
  1. To ENCOURAGE social and emotional development by personal relations with faculty and students, to be involved in student life activities, and to be helpful members of their families.
  1. To ADVISE in college and career planning by helping them think about their futures and be prepared for life after high school either through college, career training or joining the workforce.
  1. To TEACH Christian-based, ethical principles through brief, daily assemblies in which faculty members present lessons dealing with relevant ethical issues, and through personal guidance as faculty and students interact on a daily basis.
  1. To ENHANCE cultural development through the  study of the Arts, History and Literature, and to encourage student  participation in cultural activities such as community theater, band, or dance companies and private or group art/music/drama lessons.