Thank you for viewing our programs, reviewing our exciting history and discovering why we major in success.

When Willow Bend Academy began in 1998, we envisioned a “second chance” school for students who were academically deficient and therefore unsuccessful in traditional schools. We were wrong!

 While we continue to have students who need additional assistance and modifications, we have learned that students of exceptional ability needed us as well. Willow Bend Academy is small, but has produced National Merit Commended Students as well as National Merit Semi-Finalists.

Some students need the accountability of daily class attendance while others thrive in directed home study. Approximately half of our valedictorians and salutatorians have graduated from on campus study and half from home study.

Our graduates have become professionals in medical and legal arenas as well as those who have opted for military careers or professions not requiring college degrees. We truly enjoy having alumni return to visit and share with us their accomplishments. We are proud of them all.

 Several years ago, we began receiving highly intelligent students from around the world whose English skills were not developed enough to survive traditional lecture classes. In some cases those students have transferred to traditional schools following a year at Willow Bend Academy.  Those who have opted to remain at Willow Bend Academy have continued their education at such universities as Delaware State University, Ohio State University, University of Texas as well as universities in Canada, Pakistan and United Kingdom.  Others have pursued community college programs prior to moving on to major universities.

All students are treated with respect whether they are domestic or international students and are assisted in facing both academic and lifetime challenges.

Our philosophy is that each student is unique and will thrive with a tailor made plan of studies in our one-to-one teacher/student model.

Examine us for yourself and see why we “major in success”.

Ed Pilkington, BSE, MSE, EdS