What others say about us helps people decide whether or not Willow Bend Academy should be investigated further.

Insights from our accreditation review

“The Engagement Review Team identified the pervasive theme of supportive, respectful and caring relationships between parents, teachers, leadership, and students. During stakeholder interviews, each group expressed their passion for the students achieving success. Teachers have genuine affection for their students and the feelings are reciprocal. 

Although the program is self-paced, expectations for completion of learning modules are well-defined. During student interviews, a student commented that she tells newcomers that if they are not willing to work hard, they will not make it at Willow Bend Academy. Several parents commented that this was the first time their children had taken responsibility for their own learning.

What parents say

♥”As they say ‘good things come in small packages”, and that is the case with Willow Bend Academy. With great humility and dedication to your mission of helping students learn with a curriculum that best fits their learning style, you have created the secret formula for learning success.

My daughter is one of your many success stories. Abigail came to you as a 5th grader and graduated with you as valedictorian. She went to  the University of Texas at Austin, graduated with Honors, and is now a working professional in Ft. Worth. We will always be grateful for the wonderful care and education she received at Willow Bend Academy.”

♥ Out of desperation, we enrolled our daughter in your academy. The flexible schedule you afforded her enabled her to make countless doctor appointments while working at her own pace on her school work. She maintained almost a 4.0 grade point and qualified for a strong scholarship at a state university in Oklahoma.

♥ Gary started Willow Bend as a different kid than he became after several months. He was far behind academically, and this had an effect on him emotionally as well. The teachers that we dealt with before didn’t truly care about his progress, and he was rushed through subjects even if he was not ready to proceed forward. The result was that his anxiety was out of control and he completely lacked confidence. At Willow Bend we see the exact opposite. . . Gary has regained his confidence, and he now believes in himself.

What current and former students say

♥ Thank you for changing my life. When I came to WBA three years ago, I was a completely different person. I had trust issues with my teachers and my classmates. Slowly WBA opened the doors of trust to me. I used to be someone who would purposefully try to avoid asking the teacher for help, but you showed me that it was okay to ask for help and that the teachers are here to help me succeed in life and want to help me.

♥ When I came here from Vietnam, everyone welcomed me like a true member of the family.  Education at WBA has improved my English. I was able to pronounce words and write English better. Even though WBA is small, it does not have bad quality. I think it is an outstanding school.

♥ I remember walking in and thinking,”Well, this is different”, but that difference changed my life for the better. I was able to have as much one-on-one time as I needed with my teacher. That was the best because in a normal classroom, it’s hard for the teacher to give every student the amount of. help that they really need.

♥This is Zhiyi who’s a sophomore now. This is my first year in the United States. Before coming to Willow Bend Academy, I was so afraid and nervous, but now I’m doing well here. The teachers and students have helped me a lot. I have made a lot of progress and have become so confident.