Serving our community is part of the overall education of students at Willow Bend Academy.  Our National Honor Society chapter has taken the lead in ensuring that our students enthusiastically participate in this portion of our activities. Our National Honor Society has been recognized nationally for leading our students in a multitude of community service projects ranging from cleaning local parks to providing food and clothing to local agencies.

Hope’s Door is a local agency that provides emergency shelter for children and parents who are victims of family violence. As a non-profit organization, Hope’s Door relies totally on contributions to support their mission.

Our National Honor Society has supported the agency this spring by collecting items needed to provide for those who are being temporarily  housed in Hope’s Door home. Willow Bend Academy is a small school with a big heart.  Under the leadership of the National Honor Society members, our students contributed over 1,100 household items ranging from bedding to cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items to toys for the children.

Thank you National Honor Society for your leadership and to students and families who contributed generously to the project.