Willow Bend Academy is a small school with a big education. Willow Bend Academy is physically small, but that is our competitive advantage. Small school does not equal “small education”.  Here are some statements from current and former students and parents.

“My three years at Willow Bend Academy have been life-changing. I have gone from a girl who was mad at the world to one who is humbled to be alive.  I believe Willow Bend Academy truly saved my life. Aside from finding a place where my health could not stop me from reaching my goal, I found a family I will never forget.” – Graduate, class of 2015 attending college on scholarship.

“We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic education you have given our daughter these last two and one-half years. She is well prepared for the challenges of college and life because of you.” – Parents of international student from Peru, class of 2015.

“Willow Bend is an incredible school. Willow Bend has helped our child heal after being bullied at a previous school. The love he has received has been tremendous! This school has helped him build his confidence and character.” – Parent of a current student.

“Willow Bend Academy is one of the best schools that i have ever attended. The main reason that I came to this school is because I really was not making much progress in my old school. I did not think that I would enjoy Willow Bend Academy because it was a school that you basically work four hours straight. It turns out that I was wrong. I ended up loving their method of schooling.” Senior, class of 2016.