In the 1960s a song was written describing little tickey tackey houses. The lyrics describe little houses that all look the same, the people who live in the houses all went to university and they all look the same. Would you want a mass produced or custom tailored education for your child?

No tickey tackey here!

Willow Bend Academy students do not “all look the same”.  Each student is a unique person who deserves a unique, personalized education.

Teachers at Willow Bend Academy do not stand before a class of students and lecture. Our teachers have a maximum of 8 students and spend individual time with each of them teaching, coaching and assessing progress on the students’ personal curriculum.  The model is “teach, practice, master”. We ensure that a student has mastered the current material before being given new material.

Students who master the material quickly move at a faster rate while students who need more teaching to master the concepts move at a slower rate. In a tickey tackey environment, all students in a class receive the same instruction at the same time and have the same assignments. Some students grasp concepts quickly and become bored waiting for the rest of the class to “get it”. Some students who still didn’t “get it” become frustrated and discouraged because the class moved on and left them behind.

It’s not an experiment. It’s a proven method.

Many schools across the nation are experimenting with personalized education, but Willow Bend Academy has been doing it for the past twenty years. We have made improvements each year and will continue to do so.

Willow Bend Academy is accredited by AdvancEd, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and TEPSAC (The private school division of Texas Education Agency).