What do Parents Want?

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An online survey of parents across the nation was conducted in 2012 by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.  The purpose of the survey was to determine what American parents want from our education system.

There was consistent agreement that parents wanted their children to develop good study habits, self-discipline, critical thinking and strong communication skills.

Our faculty at Willow Bend Academy fully agrees with the importance of the above traits.  Our program is designed to instill good study habits by having students work independently to the extent they are able.  Students are not expected to teach themselves everything, but neither are they totally dependent on teachers to tell them everything to do.

Independent study requires self-discipline. As teachers and students establish goals together, the student must take a part in accomplishing them.  The majority of students at Willow Bend Academy rise to the challenge and discipline themselves to meet- or exceed – daily and monthly goals.  Those who exceed monthly goals receive additional rewards for their efforts.

As faculty and staff, we continually strive to adjust the curriculum to engage students in critical thinking – not simply memorizing facts, but being able to apply their knowledge to given circumstances.

Communication is vital to success whether it is in college or life in general.  For this reason, our students spend a portion of each day in writing exercises.  This in addition to the normal expectation that complete sentences and proper grammar be used in all curricular disciplines.

The parent survey indicated that while college preparation is important, personal character ensures college success.  While we rejoice when our graduates succeed in college, we also rejoice when our graduates pursue their interests in fields that do not necessarily require a bachelor’s degree.

Graduates of Willow Bend Academy include successful military men and women, skilled workers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, professional singers and dancers, and entrepreneurs.  In every case, the characteristics of good study habits, self-discipline, critical thinking and strong communication skills have been foundational to their successes.