Which of these photos show personalized education?



Many school districts are offering what they call personalized education without a clear definition of its meaning. An article in Education Week includes the following statements from a veteran teacher in the Jefferson County school system in Kentucky. This whole thing is coming from the tech industry, which doesn’t understand that what kids need is someone to love them and get excited about them. I’m not aware of any research that says sticking a child in front of a computer for hours on end does them any good.”

We at Willow Bend Academy totally agree with the teacher from Kentucky. While we have a supply of computers for student use, the majority of teaching is “real person” to student by teachers who love and understand each of our students.

The photo on the left does NOT show personalized education.  While the tech companies market a variety of “individualized” curricula, without a teacher little learning takes place.

Willow Bend Academy has provided true personalized, individual education for 20 years and our graduates have enjoyed great success.  We love our students and the education we provide.