Willow Bend Academy offers NCAA courses.

In order for NCAA to ensure that college athletes are prepared for rigorous courses in college, the high school must offer college preparatory courses that NCAA has examined and approved. Even though a school holds accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency such as AdvancEd, NCAA still requires that it approves sixteen (16) “core courses”.

While many high schools offer rigorous courses, if the courses fail to meet the NCAA conditions, the high school graduates from that school will not be eligible to receive athletic scholarships or even to participate in college athletics during their freshman year. Willow Bend Academy offers NCAA courses that are academically rigorous and are designed to prepare both athletes and others for success in college.

Willow Bend Academy does not have an athletic program.  We do, however have athletes who regularly participate in non-school select and league programs. Often these programs conduct practices and competitions that interfere with the typical school day.  Willow Bend Academy conducts a personalized, 4-hour school day with flexible scheduling to allow athletes time to practice and participate in competitions without sacrificing their academic progress.

We accomplish as much or more academic progress in our 4-hour school day as traditional schools do in a full day by permitting students to pursue athletics, fine arts and other interests outside our normal school day.

There are numerous select athletic teams that are not associated with high schools, but are closely observed by college scouts. By their participation in select athletic programs, graduates of Willow Bend Academy have been awarded athletic scholarships to Delaware State University (mens’ basketball), Florida International University (ladies’ volleyball), and University of Alaska (men’s hockey). Others have been accepted to colleges and universities on academic scholarships and who participated at the college level because of their “love of the sport”.