Everyone has questions! Listed below are frequently asked questions and their answers.

How is Willow Bend Academy “different” from other schools?

Willow Bend Academy is quite unique in several ways:

  • Willow Bend Academy uses “prescriptive teaching”.  First, we determine what each student understands and does not understand.  Often students are strong in one area such as Math, but need additional help in Reading and Writing (or vice versa).  We design the curriculum for each student and teachers work with students individually.
  • We employ “Mastery Learning”, which means that students advance as they demonstrate mastery.  Students who grasp concepts quickly move ahead faster. Some even graduate early.  Others need more time.  We allow the needed time.
  • Students are given responsibility. We help students set and reach their own academic goals rather than always being what to do. Our graduates report that this was one of the most important skills they learned at Willow Bend Academy.
  • The normal school day for American Students is four (4) hours –  either in the morning or in the afternoon. (International students have a full-day schedule which includes intense English instruction in the afternoons.) Courses such as Band, Choir and Physical Education are arranged by students outside of school, but receive credit with verification of participation.  Many  students pursue outside interests such as dance, and private athletic programs or choose to be employed part-time.

What type of curriculum is used at Willow Bend Academy?

Willow Bend Academy uses curriculum from many sources as well as material that our own faculty has developed. Our curriculum is tailored to each student, so students are taught individually rather than having large group lectures.

Does Willow Bend Academy offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

No.  There are other options for gaining college credit while in high school.

  • College credit for AP courses depends on the single test grade in the Spring of each year.  Many students complete the high school AP course, but fail to pass the AP exam and therefore only receive high school credit.  Instead we have our students attend dual credit classes at the nearby community colleges.  Dual credit courses receive both high school and college credit.  The college credit can be transferred to other colleges.  Our students often graduate from high school with 12 to 18 hours of college credit. In addition, the students get a “real” college experience attending classes with young and middle aged adults.
  •  Another option to the AP program is the College Board CLEP program. CLEP exams test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways — through high school courses, significant independent study or extracurricular work. CLEP offers 33 exams in  five subject areas.

Is Willow Bend Academy affiliated with any church or religious organization?

No.  However, our faculty and staff members are all professing Christians from several denominations.  Students are not required to be or become Christian. Our Christian beliefs are shared with students, but there is no pressure on students to convert to Christianity.  Our student population is international, so students hold many beliefs including Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and those who profess no faith.  All are treated with respect.  We expect the students to respect our beliefs as well.

Is Willow Bend Academy accredited?

Willow Bend Academy is accredited by AdvancEd, Southern Association of Colleges and  Schools.  AdvancEd is the largest accrediting agency in the world.  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is a regional area of AdvancEd which includes several states from Texas to Florida.  Major colleges and universities in this region as well as most public schools strive to achieve accreditation from this agency. Willow Bend Academy has been accredited since 2003.

Does Willow Bend Academy provide transportation?

No.  We can provide information about other families who live nearby so parents can arrange carpools.  Some of our students use DART public transportation and other private services.

Do students wear uniforms?

Willow Bend Academy does not require uniforms.  We require students to dress modestly.  The Parent/Student Handbook describes our dress policy. (See page 20.)

Student Parent Handbook 2017-2018

When can students enroll?

Willow Bend Academy accepts new students year-round.  Students may transfer from other schools at any time during the school year and may also begin during our summer school sessions.

What grades are offered at Willow Bend Academy?

Willow Bend Academy offers Middle School and High School programs.  Middle School begins at 5th grade.  High School begins with 9th grade.